Sunday, July 6, 2008

Limbo Land

So I'm still here. I had to up my dosage of P.rocardia on Friday evening as I started contracting regularly again, but things seem good now. I am experiencing some of the unpleasant side effects of the drug and having a difficult time staying focused on what's best here. I'll admit there is a voice in my head that keeps saying, "why not just let things happen while this baby is still alive?" But then again, I think of having a newborn in the NICU and I just don't know if I'm strong enough for that.

I go back tomorrow to see what has happened over the weekend progress-wise. I honestly don't know what I am hoping for anymore.


CLC said...

You are in my thoughts. I hope that the baby stays inside for a little longer, but I totally get why you would want to see what happens now.

Coggy said...

Complete limbo land, but I think I'd be feeling pretty similar. The more weeks you can hang on the better though. My youngest brother (now 16) was born at 30 weeks and is absolutely fine. It was just a long spell in NICU (about 8 weeks) so any additional weeks you can clock up would be a bonus. I think even just a couple more would make a big difference.

Hang in there Ashleigh and know that I'm thinking of you. X x x

yummysushipajamas said...

I am so sorry you're going through such a hard time right now. I can't imagine how scary it must be sometimes. I hope you and the baby can hang in there for just a little longer. For now, I think you should just concentrate on doing the best things for you, listening to your doctors, and trying to ever get some rest.

STE said...

Hoping for more prolonged quiet on the P and perhaps more monitoring/ultrasounds might help with peace of mind?

Thinking of you.

k@lakly said...

I think I would feel the same way as you do. What a tightrope you are walking. I hope you get three more weeks of no contractions and lots of baby kicks to reassure you. Either way, I am keeping everything crossed for you and that baby and a safe arrival into your arms.

Clarissa said...

Hang in there, Ash. I know you are surrounded by a good medical team that will ensure that this baby comes out when its supposed to - the "right time". I still do believe he/she will show-up before mine will :)