Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dream Analysis 101

OK, here's one for all you armchair psychiatrists and amateur analysts.

I have been having this recurring dream since shortly before I discovered I was pregnant again. Its pretty much identical every time and so realistic that I wake up completely physically exhausted. In the dream, I am at my high school pool. This is not too crazy as I was a pretty serious competitive swimmer back then. We're in the middle of a big swim meet. All the girls from my junior year are there and they are all the age we were then, but I am me now. I'm assigned to swim the 200 IM (individual medley- all four stokes) which was my nemesis when I was competing. All I can think is "I cannot possibly do this - I have a deadbaby." I swim it anyway and it is hell. I feel like I'm dying the whole time. When I finally finish, I drag myself out of the pool and look around. I've won by a mile.

So what do you think?

p.s I have my first midwife appointment later this morning. Wish me luck or something like it.


Clarissa said...

Fear of being unable to accomplish something vs. being overly optimistic. A balance, I would say…your emotional side vs. your practical side. I hope your practical side wins by a mile!!

Good luck w/ your appt today.

a- said...

As far as the dream goes, I was thinking along the lines of victory after a steadfast determination to finish something you've started. I'm not a psychiatrist or an analyst but the armchair and amateur part I can relate to. :)
Best of luck with your appointment today Ashleigh!

kalakly said...

Well, seems to me it's all about doing the thing you are most afraid of, something that you know you already know how to do but are afraid at the same time your body will fail you, but if you finish it, will give you the best possible result.

If you put in to your "present day" as you are in your dream, the 200 IM is being pregnant, the all 4 strokes, which you presumably were successful in independantly in your swimming days, are your prior pregnancy's and living babies, the "I cannot possibly do this-I have a dead baby." is how you feel now with this pregnancy, having it be hell, that's the mental and physical anguish this pregnancy is bringing. Winning by a mile?? Hello to your new baby in August!!!

All I can say is, based on my dreams in my pregnancy, as I wrote about a few blogs ago, and the huge number of other moms who also had them, I think they can be very predictive, so this one sounds like a keeper!!

But, I am not a "pshch" of any kind, well maybe a psycho...??

Good luck at your appt!!! Keep us posted.

c. said...

My interpretatio? You are going to win this proverbial pregnancy race.

Luck, luck, LUCK! I hope the appointment goes well, Ashleigh.

AK said...

The analogy, as the others said seems very clear. What I think is wonderful about your dream is that you doubt yourself, yet your subconscious self lets you win. To me that shows a wonderful determination that is drawn from that optimistic, self-confident Ashleigh that I know. Really, in that sense I think it is wonderful - that's never how my dreams turn out.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm cant help you there.
When Im pg i dream that my teeth are falling out.