Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How are you doing?

I'm asked this question all the time now. Friends and family are full of concern for my well-being. Over and over again, I hear myself answer the same way, "Oh, I'm okay."

I say this because I'm touched by their concern. I appreciate them asking. I want to say the right thing. I want to protect the people I love from this. I want it to be true.

The real truth of the matter is I'm not okay. I'm not sure I'll ever be okay again.

I think that's a big reason I started this blog, to have a place where I feel safe saying that I am not okay.

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Clarissa said...

And it’s okay, not being okay.

I always think that our children change our lives the day they step into our lives. And it’s awful when they depart prematurely – I found that my world changed once again.

I hope there are days that Owen shines on you and sends you warm hugs while you’re sleeping. I know he and Amelie are at peace. They are paving the road that we will all one day cross. I hope you one day find comfort knowing your son is in heaven waiting to welcome you.