Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Scene of the Crime

Last week, when it became obvious that K needed to be in the hospital, I was beside myself for more than the usual reasons. You see our pediatricians (who I just adore and therefore would not consider switching) admit at the same hospital where Owen was born. I had not been back. To add insult to injury, the pediatric ward is on the same floor as maternity. Just lovely. Fortunately, as we went in, I was so concerned for K that I was pretty much able to ignore my surroundings and rush by the "welcome baby" display that Owen was never a part of. Later in the day as we settled in, they came to take K for some tests. I went with her. As I rode in the wheelchair, K on my lap, I realized that they were taking us right through the maternity ward to get the other department. I held my breath as we rolled down the hallway towards the room where the doctors had told me that Owen had no heartbeat. When we got closer, I saw that they were doing construction in that area. It was all taped off with plastic tarps and yellow tape. It looked like a crime scene. It seemed fitting.


c. said...

Scene of the crime. How accurate is that? Being robbed of your son is surely the most heinous crime of all.

CLC said...

It seems like that would be a relief to me- the construction that is. Now, hopefully, any signs of what the room looked like when you discovered there was no more heartbeat are gone. But describing it as the scene of the crime is spot on. It is the worst crime.

G said...

CLC has a good way of looking at it :) In fact, I think they are remodeling it just for you :)

I can't imagine how it must have taken your breath away. I hope K is doing better.

lifecanbeashit said...

Sorry you had to go back there.
Hope K is all better now.


Clarissa said...

very fitting.

i hope K is feeling better.

a- said...

Wow! I don't think I could have done that without hyperventilating. You're amazing.