Saturday, October 27, 2007


Sometimes I want to hold Owen again so badly that I fantasize about sneaking into the cemetery and digging him up and taking him home with me. I know there's probably not much left of him but I want what is there.

And yes, I am aware how crazy that sounds, but I'm okay with that.


Carole said... doesn't sound crazy at all. When I saw Joseph in the funeral home...I wanted to run out of there with him.


charmedgirl said...

oh honey...i have so many ideas about sewing up a 9lb 13oz, 22" bag of rice and stuffing her ashes into it...and rocking it and crying into it. THERE I SAID IT!! now, THAT is crazy. but i know it's normal. we are crazy and normal.

Jenny said...

Sounds pretty normal to me. It is those aching arms! Then NEED to cuddle and love the baby you never got to.

missing_one said...

definitely NOT crazy.
The need for me was so strong, I grabbed a baby doll and just held it in my lap...honestly, it really did help.

Julie said...

It's not crazy at all. I used to find myself thinking the same thing. ((((hugs)))) You are far from crazy.