Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Treading Water

This will just be a quick update as I am currently too overwhelmed to write the posts I really want and need to write.

I was discharged from the hospital Sunday and Eden has been in the N.ICU. Once again, I left the hospital without my baby and it has been very traumatic. Her platelets continued to drop and while she has been doing well clinically, it obviously has had her doctors concerned. I am pleased to announce this morning's count was almost identical to yesterday's. We are hopeful that this means she has cleared my antibodies from her system and her counts will start increasing. Once that happens, she should not be affected by platelets issues ever again.

There is, however, another concern. She has been diagnosed with a v.entricular s.eptal defect in her heart. Again, clinically, she is doing well and I am praying she will be one of the ones who is able to outgrow the issue without intervention. She will need to be monitored carefully over the next weeks and months. Hopefully, I will get more information after we consult with the ped.iatric cardiologist.

There is so much more to talk about here. But right now the words just don't come. I still haven't exhaled. I wonder if I ever will.


c. said...

Oh, Ashleigh, I'm so sorry. Not exactly the happily ever after you envisioned, as we did along with you. I hope Eden's platelets continue to rise and things are better for her that way. With respect to the issue with her heart, I have no idea what to say other than I'm thinking of you all, hoping only the best for Eden. XO.

yummysushipajamas said...

We are all here, praying for you and your sweet Eden. Thanks for keeping us updated. Try to get some sleep, and assign someone to make sure you continue to eat. I can't imagine how tough this is, but don't let yourself get too run down or you'll get sick on top of it! All my happy thoughts are being sent in the direction of you beautiful daughter.

k@lakly said...

Oh FUCK Ashleigh, I was afraid when you hadn't written that somehting else was going on. I am hoping mightily that the platelets continue to rise and that the heart will resolve on it's own without any need for medical intervention.
I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling. I am so sorry that this hasn't been as easy as you deserve it to be. Know that you and your sweet Eden are in my thoughts everyday.

Clarissa said...

Ashleigh, I just know in my heart that Eden will be okay. Her VSD is quite common and most close on its own - I know that's hard for you not to veer to the negative. Many have holes in heart - my mom and Paul being two of them (& the strongest ppl I know). The same will go for Eden, I'm sure of it.

Keep well. CDxx

STE said...

I'm sorry this has been so difficult. Thinking of you and hoping Eden's numbers continue to improve. Hoping her heart begins to heal, and yours does as well.