Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Latest

Here's this morning's update for those that are following along:

I'll start with the good news-last night my platelet count was 17,000 and this morning (12 hours later) it was 27, 000. My hematologist is thrilled. I got another dose of my medicine this morning and they will test me again around 6 tonight. They are very hopeful that I will be able to deliver tomorrow or the next day. I cannot, however, leave the hospital until my count is over 100,000 and will stay on medication until my count is around 200,000- once I reach that I will have to be weaned off the medication and monitored carefully.

Something that I've noticed about hospitals that I find a little strange is that they really don't let you know how bad you were until you start doing better. Now that things seem to be turning around, the staff has been revealing that I was really not doing well on Monday or Tuesday morning. Apparently Monday, my platelet count was actually unmeasurable and remained that way after two massive doses of steroids. I had also started having blood at an increasing level in my urine. It's probably good that I didn't know how bad things were going then as the stress would not have helped, but I'm finding it a little disconcerting after the fact.

All in all,though, things are looking up today and I am very thankful for that.


k@lakly said...

Oh that is great to hear! I'm in the middle of nowhere and saw that my phone got signal and you were the first place I looked! Hope when I can check again it will be even Better news of a healthy delivery of your little one and that your platlettes are nice and high!

yummysushipajamas said...

I am THRILLED to hear you are improving. I will continue to pray for you and hope to keep hearing about improvements along the way!

urban-pagan said...

A stranger following right along....and cheering for you and your little one.

janis said...

relieved for you. and I'll keep thinking good thoughts.

Cibele said...

I am so glad that you are doing better , may the good news keep on coming

Ange said...

Fantastic news. My goodness you are so close to meeting your little one. How exciting.