Saturday, August 16, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

I will be working on getting Eden's birth story up as soon as possible, but wanted to update on where things are with us are currently. I am doing very well - my post partum bleeding which was a big concern for everyone prior to delivery, has been only notable by how unremarkable its been, and my platelet count has been rising nicely. Its hopeful that I will be at 100,000 by tonight or tomorrow. Then I can stop the IV medication, transition to oral meds and go home.

Now the less good. Eden's platelet count was measured at just over 100,000 yesterday and has dropped to around 70,000 today. Obviously, not we were hoping for. She is not technically in a danger zone yet, but has to be monitored carefully. She obviously gotten some of my anitbodies and they need to clear from her system. I am clearly very concerned for her and feeling unbelievably guilty.


CLC said...

I hope she bounces right back, platelet wise. It's not your fault though because you had no control over the situation. Hope you are both able to leave soon!

k@lakly said...

Oh Ashleigh,
I am so sorry you have this to handle now too. Glad to hear you are on the mend and also glad to see that the docs are keeping a watchful eye on your sweet Eden. I will keep good thoughts for her to recover quickly and to be sent home with you asap.
No guilt from you, this is NOT your fault. My old family doctor told me, as I stood in his office, covered in vomit, trying to call my husband as our son, then a baby, was experiencing what was to be the first of many, severe asthma attacks, a legacy I handed down to him, and I was crying saying Oh, C, I gave you asthma, oh C I am so sorry, my doctor took me by the shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, "You gave him life." And made me understand everything else was out of my control.
You gave her life Ashleigh. The rest is out of your control.

c. said...

Glad to hear you are doing better, Ashleigh. As for Eden's platelet count, I hope it does and about face and starts climbing. Keeping you two in my thoughts, looking forward to hearing about your healthy return home. XO.

yummysushipajamas said...

I will be sending lots of prayers your way for Eden to be up and running any minute. Please don't feel guilty! You and Eden are looking at a beautiful long life together, and I can't wait for you both to get the chance to start the process

Julia said...

Oh Ashleigh,

I am so sorry this is happening to your family. As everyone else said, this is NOT your fault, though I am sure you know that, intellectually.

Congratulations on Eden-- beautiful name for, I am sure, beautiful baby.

And hey, you are not kidding about how parallel our stories are running. I wish you a very short and uneventful hospital stay for Eden (and you too), and a joyous and healthy homecoming.

k@lakly said...

Just checking to see how everything is going. Please post soon!
Thinking of you both:)