Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Quick Update

I copied this from an email I sent some family and friends outside the computer. Sorry for any typos!

Last night was a long one- i had lots of contractions which was concerning because my platelet count has not yet responded to the medication. As a result, I would prefer this little one stay put for now. It was pretty frightening to hear the doctors on the phone with the blood bank frantically trying to order more platelets, just in case. I would really like to avoid platelet transfusion if at all possible.

Thankfully, the contractions have slowed now. They are trying to keep me super hydrated to stall my contractions as long as possible to give me a chance to respond to treatment. As before the goal for safe delivery (for me- baby should be fine no matter what) is a platelet count of at least 50,000. At 50,000, I will probably be fine. However an epidural is still out of the question- good thing I've done this before!

There is some good news though- apparently I am doing much better bleeding-wise than I should be with platelet counts this low. I have a lot of bruising, but the sites where they have been taking my blood for testing are clotting well. I have had no vaginal bleeding or other internal bleeding (other than a little bloody nose that clotted quickly.) The doctors have joked that the few platelets I do have seem to be super platelets.

Right now I am choosing to focus on the positives.


G said...

Keeping you, the baby and your platelets in my positive thoughts Ash.

Glad you and the baby are doing ok, hopefully the meds will kick in soon.


k@lakly said...

Thanks for the update! Holding out strong hopes for the magical 50K to be reached as quickly as possible. Glad you are being watched as closely as you are. I looked up your diagnosis on Dr. Goog.le (as I am sure you did too) and read that what you have can also be preg.nancy ass.ociat.ed throm.bo.cyto.penia, have you asked your docs about that, just in case??
At any rate, keep up the good clotting work and please, post when you can.
Take care and know you are being thought of all over the place.

yummysushipajamas said...

I am SO glad to hear there are positives. Hang in there, keep thinking about all of the good things you've got coming, and I will be praying for you.

janis said...

oh gosh, Ashleigh.... sending all the positive vibes your way and fingers so crossed.

CLC said...

c'mon platelets! you can do it! faster!

c. said...

Nothing to say. Still reading. Still thinking of you. XO.

niobe said...

Thinking of you. Many thanks for updating us.