Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Update

* Warning there is a picture at the end of this post*

The last couple of months have been busy. The mundane sort of busy that I am grateful for now. We've had a few ups and downs with Eden (she had RSV in December and was pretty ill for awhile and was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy that has affected her weight gain), but (knock on wood) nothing super serious. She continues to be a delight. J & K are wonderful and growing up more and more each day. I cannot believe that K will be 4 in a few shorts weeks and J 6 not long after. JD was promoted at work recently which given the current state of the economy was somewhat unexpected and give us some pretty exciting options for the future. This summer will be 2 years since Owen died. Two years, its forever and then again its just the blink of an eye.

I have realized that as much as I don't necessary fit into the blogosphere the way I used to, I miss it here. I have a lot I need to write about and I hope to start posting again more regularly. I haven't yet decided whether I will write here or create a new space. I guess I'll see what feels right. Right now this blog feels like Owen's space and maybe I need to find a space that's more suited to where I am right now.

So that's my quick update. That, and of course this:


G$ said...

Oh she is so ADORABLE! I am glad she is past the scary illness, icky.

Whereever you end up in blogland, I enjoy "listening"


Rosalind said...

Thanks for the update is nice to hear how you're doing and that everything is going good

What a cutie!

ezra'smommy said...

so amazingly cute!

k@lakly said...

She's a beaut! And looks like a precocious little gem too! Where-ever you go, I will listen. Always.

CLC said...

Beautiful picture!

Clarissa said...

E looks like J - like they should be twins, if not 6 years apart :) Cute!

Lea said...

Hi There,

I just came across your blog and am so sad to read about your Angel, Owen. I'm so sorry he is not with his family, where he belongs.

Your little girl is adorable.

Hope you don't mind me taking a look every so often.

lifecanbeashit said...

Just beautiful!